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What are ESICs?

The Australian government is putting an emphasis on innovation by aligning our tax systems and business laws with a culture of entrepreneurship and risk-taking.

From 1 July, early-stage investors will receive tax incentives if they invest in new equity capital issued by an Early-Stage Innovation Company, or ESIC ®. Early-stage companies can accelerate their capital raising by being part of the ESIC ecosystem and therefore, more attractive to investors. The outcomes of these changes are mutually beneficial.

Want to raise capital? Your first step is to be ESIC ® ready.

ESIC ® Hub provides you with the expertise to understand your ESIC status. Our proprietary tool, the ESIC ® Predictor, allows you to self-assess and see if you are ESIC ® ready. When you have successfully navigated the ESIC Predictor, we guarantee you an outcome as to your ESIC status.

ESIC ® Status

ESIC ® Ready

ESIC ready means that you are ready to engage with prospective investors.


ESIC-in-progress means you are on the path to becoming an ESIC but require some professional assistance.


Not ESIC means your capital raising will be delayed until you address your ESIC specific issues.

Need further help?

ESIC Predictor

Complete our online proprietary self-assessment tool to see if you are ESIC ready.

ESIC Assist

Having trouble? ESIC Assist is our telephone support line to assist you in navigating the ESIC Predictor- you drive the tool, we navigate over the phone.

ESIC Consult

If you would prefer a professional opinion about your ESIC status, our team at ESIC Hub is here for you. We provide an in-depth consultation service to address your ESIC specific issues.

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