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What do the Tax Breaks look like for an Investor?

The new capital-raising regime in Australia is whether or not you are an early stage innovation company and that’s obviously a long word we’ve abbreviated that to be an ESIC.  At ESIC Hub what we’re doing is connecting serious innovators with serious investors. So we are providing an end-to-end solution for early stage companies looking for capital raising and investors in the new environment that we’re working within from the 1st of July.

The investment framework that the investors are now looking at is this investment world. It started on the 1st of July, it’s very early days, you’re going to start seeing a greater engagement and I guess chatting around this concept about that the significance is of the ESCI world. It’s in place, it had bi-partisan support, and it’s the new world for raising capital and the new investment framework for early stage companies.

The question came about what the tax breaks look like for an investor and I’m sure some of you guys potentially look at investment as well and they are significant. We’ve built a tax saving estimator so your parents, people who are looking to invest in your vehicle could be eligible for these tax breaks so I would encourage you to refer them to this website, there is a bar here where you can look at what your proposed level of investment is as an investor and you can play with this bar and say look…. ‘I want to invest $100,000 in my venture that’s been presented to me’ and it will automatically work out what some of those tax benefits are. Read More