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I was an ESIC yesterday, am I still an ESIC today?


Just another friendly reminder this answer is dictated by Australia’s tax laws, sorry. In the ESIC environment, your status is dynamic and is affected by a multitude of factors that can change daily in a business environment.

Each and every time you are planning to raise capital you will need to ascertain your current ESIC status, which may be different from the previous time and that may be good news for some and a surprise to others.

In the course of your business lifecycle, you may find yourself being ESIC qualified on 1 occasion or 1000 occasions.

Spend 5 minutes using our free online ESIC Predictor let us calculate your 100-points entitlement and you will immediately see your self-assessed ESIC status. A friendly reminder to use this function as often as you need to re-evaluate and to stay connected with the ESIC Hub team.