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I have looked at the ESIC 100-point innovation test and I don’t meet all the criteria. Does that mean I’m not an ESIC?

No, in fact, it could be quite the opposite.

The 100-point innovation test is a cumulative points system, and you do not need to satisfy all of those criteria. For example, we have clients who are ESIC ready after meeting only 2 of the criteria.

You can also qualify as an ESIC by meeting the principles based test.

Spend 5 minutes using our free online ESIC Predictor let us calculate your 100-points entitlement and you will immediately see your self-assessed ESIC status.

Even if you are not currently an ESIC, this does not disqualify you from being an ESIC in the future. Your circumstances may change as early as tomorrow and we recommend you stay connected with ESIC Hub. Re-evaluate your ESIC status using the ESIC Predictor as often as needed, it’s free or just contact us.