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I am a start up, why is ESIC® important to me?

I am a start up, why is ESIC® important to me?

ESIC® is where innovation meets investment.

How to become an ESIC® company?

Now new start-up companies can become ESIC® companies and avail tax rebates. They can easily opt for the services of ESIC® Hub and become ESIC ®Ready. ESIC® Hub provides 3 status for the start-up companies to avail tax incentives.

ESIC status

The status includes:

ESIC® Ready

In the ESIC® Ready companies, investors can invest in the companies and start availing tax incentives.


In this status, the company is in the process of becoming ESIC Ready, but the procedure is ongoing and not completed.


In this status the company has not become ready to provide tax incentives to the investors.

ESIC® tools

ESIC® tools are most useful for the companies during their process to become ESIC® ready. These tools are:

ESIC Predictor

The online self-assessment tools predict or inform whether companies including start-ups are ESIC® ready. This is simply the starting point for you to understand how your ESIC® status might look if you work with ESIC® Hub’s experts and avail yourself of the specialist skills and experience needed to navigate the ESIC® path to raising capital.

Benefits Of Investing capital in ESIC® companies

Now it is time to realise all your new business plans and invest in business ventures without worrying about taxes on capital profits. While ESIC® companies are readily offering tax incentives implemented by the government, it is possible for entrepreneurs to invest in multiple business ventures and also get returns from the new business opportunities. Now even entrepreneurs need not hesitate to plan out new business ventures as their profits and returns will not be affected by high taxes instead they can avail plenty of tax incentives while investing in ESIC® Ready companies. Most shrewd investors invest their capital after confirming the ESIC® status of the companies prior to making any investment. While there is scrambling for becoming ESIC® Ready, these companies can expect plenty of capital investments in the present and also in the future. Moreover, there is an increasing awareness on the benefits of investing capital in ESIC® companies. Now investors are solely relying on ESIC® companies to avail tax incentives and abate the stress caused by taxation.

Start-up companies

Even start-up companies are becoming aware of the importance of ESIC®. While using the services of ESIC® Hub, these companies are able to develop ESIC® status and provide plenty of tax incentives even to the new investors. Most investors are aware of the prospects of investing in ESIC® companies. They are confirmed on the tax incentives and are ruling out investing in ordinary companies. Entrepreneurs of start-up companies can attain ESIC® status and offer capital gains to new investors. These start-up companies are also multiple investors with their ESIC® status. They are gaining plenty more investments with their new ESIC® status where they were finding it difficult to obtain investors. In fact, since most investors prefer capital gains while availing tax incentives provided by the government, the start-up companies essentially need to maintain their ESIC® status. This process of functioning as ESIC® companies is steadily multiplying business ventures as they need not be concerned about paying high taxes. All persons investing in the Early State Innovation Company can avail tax incentives readily such as family, friends, employees and suppliers provided a few conditions are met.  The ESIC® tax incentives introduced by the government on 1 July 2016 ease the tax policies imposed on investments.

Know ESIC® Hub….

ESIC® Hub is Australia’s leading online platform introduced for providing easy early stage investments based on the taxation policies introduced by Australian Government on 1 July 2016. It meets the requirements of early stage entrepreneurs, investors and helps those benefits from early stage investments with capital gains. It has offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

You and Us working together

ESIC® Hub is Australia’s first and only online platform dedicated to serving the needs of the early-stage community. We offer you an effective pathway to efficiently allocate resources by utilising our deep technical knowledge and expertise to ensure client-centric outcomes are achieved.

We look forward to working with you.

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