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Stephen Crowe answers
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Early Stage Company

Accelerator programs are designed to boost Australia’s innovation performance and create connections between research, science and business.

The ESIC investment framework introduced as part of the government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda (“NISA”) strengthens the connection with accelerator programs and benefits those who dare to imagine, collaborate and innovate with Accelerator programs.

If the company has completed or is undertaking an eligible Accelerator program it will obtain 50 points, be half-way towards meeting the 100 point innovation test and one step closer to being ESIC Ready.

If you haven’t already completed our free online ESIC Predictor, now is a good time to discover your ESIC Status.

This is not uncommon in the early-stage community. The laws impose an obligation to assess your ESIC status at the time new shares are issued. Sadly, shares issued without an ESIC certification at the time of investment will most likely not qualify. However, for those who act quickly we may be able to assist in this tricky situation so please contact us.

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Early Stage Company

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