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Essential steps to help you make money in 2017

Essential steps to help you make money in 2017

Essential steps to help you make money in 2017

Trying to predict the future is futile… most of the time. But then again, as investors, if we can get even a glimpse of what happens next we are winners. And so it is worth taking the time to stand back and review the wider consensus for the year ahead because it is likely to underpin investment trends in 2017.

From a recent interview with Stephen Crowe here’s one of James Kirby’s 7 things you should be thinking about now.

New opportunities

If we have learnt anything as investors over recent years it is the need for proper diversification — every year some aspect of the share market flies, every year some asset class gets into trouble — nobody can guess it — but diversification protects and positions you for surprises.

New investment areas are worth watching: Direct investing in start-ups now offers significant tax breaks (see Glenda Korporaal today) selected small caps can boost any portfolio (see Richard Hemming today). Emerging areas such as impact bonds, peer to peer lenders (acting as an investor rather than a borrower) offer new avenues which every investor should at least examine.

One last thing: Opportunities come from the unexpected. The theory of the ‘‘huge event you never could have guessed’’ also known as a Black Swan event — most closely associated with the American academic Nassim Taleb seems to get relevant every year.

Looking back at the swag of predictions about the markets in 2016 not a single commentator picked the elevation of long shot republican candidate Donald Trump as president of the US.

What Black Swan will 2017 bring … Taleb talks of the hidden role of chance in the markets, in other words, we get fooled by the markets every year but we can at least insure ourselves through diversification.

the-australian_03-12-2016_james-kirbyWealth editor James Kirby presents a live Q+A every Wednesday at 12.15pm at www.theaustralian.com.au

This article first appeared in The Australian – Seven steps to making money

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