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Are you an adviser with early-stage companies and/or early-stage investor clients?

ESIC ® Hub specialises in helping serious early stage businesses and investors become more successful. One way we do this is by providing access to experience, knowledge and networks that create financial opportunities and open new pathways to growth.

We are committed to serving the needs of Australia’s innovation community, including advisers, accountants, financial planners, lawyers and other influencers.

We are independently and Australian owned.

Our service is informed, professional, personalised and reliable. We have a flexible approach to the structure of relationships, including serving the advisers and their clients, either directly or via the referring advisers.

Our technical team helps you provide quality advice by sharing their deep technical knowledge and expertise. Our focus is providing client-centric solutions and experience to complement your services and respecting your trusted relationship with clients.

We also deliver technical solutions and strategies through workshops, email updates, online publications and apps. You can choose for us to keep you up-to-date with relevant news, analysis and legislative developments.

Free Information Seminars

Unlocking the ESIC ® Opportunity Box

Benefits to clients and risks to advisers in the new ESIC® investment framework.

New early stage funding models are emerging, driven by the demand created by investors in the new early-stage investment framework.

Following the early stage innovation company (ESIC®) initiative by the federal government, we were invited to be one of the lead contributors to the consultation process and our thoughts, views and experiences helped influence today’s outcome

Stephen Crowe, founder of ESIC® Hub, is offering free 1 hour information seminars tailored specifically for advisers with clients who are early-stage companies and/or early-stage investors.

The information session will focus on the benefits to clients and risks to advisers in the new ESIC® investment framework. You will have an opportunity to ask questions.

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