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Early-stage Investor

Access to early-stage investments previously
only available to the privileged few.

ESIC ® Hub is Australia’s first and only online platform dedicated to serving the needs of the early-stage community of entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, investors, and their advisers.

We are Australian-owned and independent. We were established in 2016 following the introduction of significant tax incentives around early-stage innovation companies (ESICs).

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Early-stage company

ESIC Hub has developed a
process with clear milestone
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ESIC Ready.

ESIC Ready means you are
immediately attractive to
investors. Realise your dreams
and accelerate your capital
with ESIC Hub.

ESIC Hub delivers access to
ESIC investors in a secure,
efficient and regulated


Unique opportunities
to invest in commercial ventures
that are ESIC compliant and
deliver significant innovation
based tax incentives.

Early-stage investor

Access to early-stage
investments previously only
available to the privileged few.

ESIC Hub’s environment
is secure, regulated and

Opportunity to diversify
your investment portfolio and
participate in higher risk and
higher return ventures.

Immediate access to deep
technical knowledge
resources on all ESIC-related
topics delivered by
industry leaders.


Gain access to unbiased,
and experienced
professionals who specialize in
client-centric solutions.

Opportunity to collaborate
with ESIC professionals who
deliver meaningful outcomes
for you and your clients and
understand the importance
of your trusted relationship.

Early Stage Investors

Did you know?

The Australian government estimates 4,500 early-stage companies are missing out on equity finance and wants them to raise $1 billion of ESIC capital in the next three years.

At ESIC Hub we have developed free online tools for early-stage companies to accelerate their capital raisings and for investors to understand the tax savings created by an ESIC investment, an emerging new asset class.