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Early-stage Company

At ESIC ® Hub, we are committed to helping serious early-stage companies connect with early-stage investors.

From 1 July 2016, the government has made it more attractive for investors to fund early stage companies with new equity capital. But the companies must be early-stage innovation companies (ESICs) to qualify.

Increasingly, investors’ funding decisions will depend upon whether your business is ESIC ready.

By using our tools to become ESIC ready, you will have taken your first step to raising capital and be prepared for conversations with informed, prospective early-stage investors.

Take the first step: Be ESIC ® ready

At ESIC ® Hub, we provide you with the tools to become ESIC ready. Our ESIC Predictor will guarantee you an outcome as to the status of your ESIC readiness: Are you ESIC Ready? Are you ESIC-in-progress? Or are you Not ESIC?

The ESIC Predictor will help you take the first step to securing funding by self-assessing your ESIC status.

ESIC ® Predictor

Complete our online proprietary self-assessment tool to see if you are ESIC ready.

ESIC ® Assist

Having trouble? ESIC Assist is our telephone support line to assist you in navigating the ESIC Predictor- you drive the tool, we navigate over the phone.

ESIC ® Consult

If you would prefer a professional opinion about your ESIC status, our team at ESIC Hub is here for you. We provide an in-depth consultation service to address your ESIC specific issues.

Learn more about how being ESIC ready will help your business.

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